About Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is uncontrollable growth of skin cells mostly due to ultraviolet radiation from the sun.  Australia and especially Queensland have one of the highest rate of skin cancer in the world which is 2-3 times the rate of United Kingdom and North America. Two out of three Australians will be diagnosed with a skin cancer in their life time. This is 434,000 people each year and accounts for 80% of all newly diagnosed cancers.

Early diagnosis of skin cancer will make is easier to treat, minimise potential scarring or even death. You should check your skin for any non-healing sores, new spots or existing moles that change than consult your doctor.

Basal cell cancer (BCC) and squamous cell cancer (SCC) are most common types of skin cancers. Fortunately these cancers are relatively easy to treat however they can cause extensive local damage if left alone for long time such as invading the nerves or destroying the eye itself. These cancers can be aggressive at times and cause 500 deaths per year.

Melanomas are less common types of skin cancer however these can spread to your internal organs and cause approximately 1500 deaths per year in Australia. Early diagnosis is crucial for the successful treatment.