About Medical Skin Conditions

On this site we cover some of the more common skin conditions in more depth on their own individual pages. These are...

Excess sweating (hyperhidrosis)

The following are some other common skin conditions...

Baby rash

Babies suffer more than their fair share of skin problems which are normally easily treated and not long term. Nappy rash affects up to 1 in 3 babies and cradle cap - a scaly patch or patches generally on the scalp - generally clears up by itself within a few months.

Cold sores

These blister type swellings on the lips or around the mouth are caused by a virus - herpes simplex type 1. They often clear up on their own within a week or two.

Hives (urticaria)

Also known as 'nettle rash', hives is a bumpy skin rash (the bumps are referred to as 'wheals') caused by the body producing histamine to fight off infection. Hives can be caused by allergies.

Heat rash

Heat rash is caused by blockages and inflammation of sweat ducts, generally under the arms and in the groin. It generally clears up in a few days.

Keratosis pilaris

This is the term given to small white lumps on the skin, common in children and teenagers, and caused by an increase in keratin in the skin which blocks hair follicles/pores. They often appear on dry skin on the arms and thighs and chest and occasionally on the face. It is considered a mild condition which normally clears up on its own over time.

Molluscum contagiosum

This is a viral infection which causes small spots which don't itch or cause any pain. An infection normally clears up within a few months.

Pityriasis rosea

This condition generally presents as a scaly pink rash on the stomach, back or chest and other ptaches often appear elsewhere on the body. It is thought to be caused by a bacterial or viral infection and normally clears up within 1-3 months.


Scabies appears as very itchy spots and sometimes rashes on the skin normally between the fingers or in the armpit or groin. It is caused by a mite that burrows under the skin and is easily treated by medication available in pharmacies.


Shingles is in fact caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox - varicella-zoster virus. It appears as a painful rash and blisters on the face and/or upper body. People over 50 and especially those over 80 are prone to shingles.


Tinea is a fungal infection that generally appears on the feet or in the groin (but can appear elsewhere eg on the scalp) and can be in the form of a scaly rash or circular outbreaks, leading to its other name of 'ringworm'. Antifungal medication will normally clear up an outbreak within a month.


Warts and verrucas (if they are on the feet) are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). They can take up to two years to disappear on their own, but there are several over the counter treatments available at pharmacies that wil clear warts and verrucas more quickly.

If you are at all concerned you may have any of these conditions or any other skin condition, or simply would like more information, please contact us.